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If you are interesting in having the Brian Kramer Professional Corporation possibly represent you in negotiating a premarital agreement please fill out our online questionnaire.   We also prepare cohabitation, domestic partnership and postnuptial agreements.   Finally, we are also available to represent clients in contested family law proceedings in which matrimonial agreements are at issue, or to serve as expert witnesses in such proceedings. After you contact our office there is a three step process to retain us as your attorneys to negotiate a premarital agreement. Step One – The New Client Questionnaire All prospective clients are provided with a detailed questionnaire that enables us to efficiently obtain all of the information we know we will need about you and your fiancées background, assets, liabilities and income to properly represent you. While providing the information sought in our client comprehensive questionnaire may be time consuming, it is essential to enable us to efficiently analyze and advise you.  The information you supply in your questionnaire will also be used so that we may efficiently draft and negotiate your premarital agreement.  Accordingly, it is essential that you take the time to be as accurate and thorough as possible.  Your completed questionnaire will also enable us to set a fixed fee to draft and/or review your premarital agreement.   Step Two – The Consultation After you complete the questionnaire, our office will contact you and arrange for an initial consultation.  At the initial consultation, we will go over with you the information you provided in your questionnaire.  Based on that information we will discuss how a premarital agreement may be of benefit to you or how you should best go about protecting your vital interests in this process.  The purpose of the initial consultation is for us to engage in a frank discussion about your objectives and determine whether it makes sense for you to enter into a premarital agreement and whether you should retain us as your lawyers.  For reasons we will discuss at the initial consultation, effective premarital agreements in California must be specifically tailored to take into account each couple’s needs and unique backgrounds.  Although we charge for in-office consultations, we spend considerable time providing useful information to all prospective clients.  Most people find their initial consultations a very worthwhile investment of their time and money.  Step Three:  The Retainer Agreement During the initial consultation, we will present you with a retainer agreement which needs to be reviewed by you carefully and then executed should you choose to retain our services.   Our rates vary depending on the complexity of the case and estate involved, but we will provide you a fixed price to complete a first draft or initial review of a premarital contract.   We will use the information that you provide in the questionnaire to set an appropriate retainer fee.   Our fees are highly competitive and are substantially less than other larger family law firms in the Los Angeles area, many of which will not even handle work on a prenuptial agreement without a retainer in the tens of thousands of dollars.
Over the last decade, beginning with two seminal cases being decided by the California Supreme Court in 2000, there have been significant developments in the law pertaining to premarital agreements.  One common theme found in the flurry of recent reported appellate cases involving premarital agreements is the need for both parties entering into such agreements to utilize the services of experienced family law counsel.  In fact, the California state legislature in response to the California Supreme Court's holding in Pendleton and Fireman  from 2000, amended the California Uniform Premarital Agreement Act to specifically and expressly require that both parties have "independent legal counsel" if a waiver or limitation of spousal support is incorporated in a premarital agreement. By way of example, and there are many, in the recent holding of In re Marriage of Facter (2013) 212 Cal.App.4th 967, the court held that a premarital agreement that contained a waiver of spousal support prepared by a lawyer who had graduated from Harvard Law School was in part unenforceable.  In Facter the court found that although the attorney who drafted the premarital agreements was a seasoned commercial transactional lawyer who practiced corporate law, he failed to follow some of the basic conventions which experienced family law attorneys follow in negotiating a premarital agreement.   The fallout for the party in Facter who sought to enforce his premarital agreement after a failed 14 year marriage was devastating. 
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