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Frequently Asked Question: Can spousal support be  modified or waived through a prenuptial agreement? Premarital Agreements We specialize in representing clients in Southern California entering into premarital agreements.    Getting Started To get started, please fill out  our client intake questionnaire. Get The Answers Get Started Now
Frequently Asked Questions          Will a generic prenuptial contract form work under California law? Answer:  There is an old idiom that warns folks that they "get what they pay for."   That idiom certainly has a lot of application when it comes to premarital agreements under California law.   The stakes for most people who are considering a premarital agreement are high, and in most instances higher than people appreciate.    This is not an area where it makes sense to be penny-wise and pound foolish; the money you invest in getting this handled professionally and the right way will be well worth it to you.   While there are companies that sell generic prenuptial agreements forms over the Internet, such cookie-cutter forms are completely ineffective in California.   As explained in a prior FAQ, under the law, parties are required to be represented by independent counsel for their premarital agreements to be effective.   Moreover, under the law, premarital agreements must include detailed personal information including financial disclosures that require the trained eye of an experienced family law attorney to prepare.