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Frequently Asked Question: Can spousal support be  modified or waived through a prenuptial agreement? Premarital Agreements We specialize in representing clients in Southern California entering into premarital agreements.    Getting Started To get started, please fill out  our client intake questionnaire. Get The Answers Get Started Now
Frequently Asked Questions          How long before my wedding date should I retain family law counsel to prepare a premarital agreement? Answer:  Not only is procrastination the thief of time, but when it comes to premarital agreements, it can mean the difference between an enforceable premarital agreement and one that is not.   Accordingly, each party should retain their own lawyer well in advance of the wedding date. Under Section 1615(c) of the Family Code, a prenuptial agreement may only be executed seven calendar days after it is first circulated between the parties for it to be enforceable. As a practical matter, this requires that all of the terms in your prenuptial agreement be agreed upon weeks before your wedding date.  Many premarital agreements take months to properly negotiate and finalize, so it is essential that you give yourself enough lead time in starting the process.  As explained elsewhere on this website, effective premarital agreements are not cookie-cutter forms.  As a result, every premarital agreement must be specifically tailored to take into account the unique circumstances and needs of each couple.   Among other things, the law requires the parties to make detailed financial disclosures of their assets, liabilities and income in connection with entering into a premarital agreement.   This is among the many reasons why preparing a premarital agreement that complies with the rigors of California law takes time.